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I pray in time that funds will be available to replace those cameras wiped out by the fires.God Bless All the down cameras have been down for years. People want to see the weather, traffic , and crowded it is. Here is a list of all the webcams that are not working and have been down for awhile.In all honesty, its a disservice to all who visit there and those who wish to come! 2014, and I’ve been monitoring the weather since two months. It’s been of great help, since we are from Costa Rica.Looking forward to be there and come back again and again.If anything the park needs one at newfound gap to see true beauty of the smokies. Me and My family are going down there in A Few Months. If you are not going to fix them then just take them off your list.

And as you stated we have created this list for the sheer convenience of having all the cams listed in one place.

I think there are some of us that truly love Gatlinburg and the Smokies, eventhough we may not live there.

We just left Gatlinburg yesterday and I was telling my wife that it’s obvious the economy isnt that good yet because the people that originally had the money to invest in the cameras, no longer do.

They put flowers around and such…would think they could put up some quality cameras and keep them working.

the tourists want to be able to look at Gatlinburg when they cant be there… It’s lovely to see new growth and the forward direction of recovery from the wildfires. We miss our friends and family in our smokey mountain home, but we’ll be there soon.

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