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This can cost a lot of time and if you live in a country without universal health care can cost you a lot of money. Well if you are in Thailand this is your lucky day because here in the Land of Smiles you can buy just about anything you want with minimal hassle and usually very low costs, even lower than what you’d pay in co pays.

At the end of the day it’s all a scam to make money no matter where you go, just in Thailand you only pay one drug store and a drug company whereas at home you are also paying the offices of two doctors plus an insurance company and they all want a lot more money.

Then you go to the pharmacy, wait another half hour while they run all sorts of checks before you finally pay money to get those drugs you worked so hard for.

Then a month later you repeat the process all over again.

Then you get all the information including dosage, side effects and sometimes even pictures.

Some other names you can look into are Anabol, Mesviron, Provironum, Stanztab, Diabenol, Somatropin, Co-Diovan (HGH), Nandro (nandrolone), etc.

You are also likely to have success anywhere around a gym or Muay Thai arena (training or watching).A third reason you might not get what you want is if you are rude. You have places like Boots that cater to westerners where you’ll find good quality stuff with English speaking staff but you’ll also pay top dollar and they may be wise to the farang ways and refuse to sell if they think you’ll abuse it.Being polite and speaking Thai go a long way in Thailand. Then you have just plain old ‘drug’ stores, sometimes the stores just say drugs.First off all the drug companies have different brand names depending on what country they sell it in.This helps them to run their scam back home, forcing everyone to pay high rates, while they sell the exact same drug in Thailand with a different name for a much lower cost. If you know the generic name of your drug this is usually enough. But if you really want to impress your local drug dealer err I mean pharmacist you can ask for the Thai brand name, in this case the brand name is Androlic.

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There are tons of these all over the country and if you just open your eyes there’s probably one a two minute walk from where you are standing right now.

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