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(2) Raw data from new publications: Many new studies have been published since the first Do OR release.

These studies added important new data to the Drosophila olfactome (Fig. Importantly, they deorphanized most of the remaining OR response profiles for which no ligand was known previously.

(3) Data recorded by us that is first published along with this paper.

Here we present the response profiles of five OSN classes, measured via calcium imaging.

Our set of ~100 odorants, added a total of 529 new odorant responses to Do OR.

In many cases we had to estimate quantitative responses from graphical plots.Nevertheless, it is across the set of OSNs (or “information channels”) with their distinct but overlapping tuning to different odorants, that brains extract the olfactory information about the environment.The number of these information channels differs between animals: humans have ~400 functional genes that code for potential receptors, dogs ~800 and mice ~1000.Odors elicit complex patterns of activated olfactory sensory neurons. the responses in all sensory neurons for all relevant odorants, is desirable to understand olfactory coding.The Do OR project combines all available Drosophila odorant response data into a single consensus response matrix.

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The coding capacity of even small olfactory sensory systems is enormous because of the multidimensional nature of the olfactory code (often referred to as combinatorial).

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