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Oats, and 24 other unexpected food stuffs, make an appearance on this list dedicated to making you better in bed.

She might not be complaining, but it's never killed anybody to up their game, especially in the bedroom.

It’s not necessary to pencil it in to both of your schedules; just let her know on a particular evening or morning that you’d like to spend some quality time in bed with her. Use props Props like toys, lubes and massage oils can make your sex life better if both of you are comfortable using them.

You don’t have to rely solely on your own body parts for pleasure-giving. Your words of praise will help get her in the mood.

Ever wondered why some people have amazing sex, and other people seem to be stuck with a very mediocre sex life?

A recent girly night with my friends resulted in an indepth conversation about how good sex can be, and why it isn’t always that good. Read on to discover my top tricks to be better in bed...

Don’t take for granted that you’re hitting the right spot in the missionary position, for example.

Do your homework and find out what has worked for others, then try it with your girl.

Try the Play Warmer lube, which creates a warming sensation that gets more intense when you blow on it gently. An unexpected passionate kiss can really get things started 2.Make time Spontaneity is an essential part of any good sex life, but so is planning.Setting aside some time to enjoy each other in the bedroom and leaving all distractions at the door could result in some mind-blowing sex and an excellent opportunity to increase your intimacy.You skimped on lunch all week (#struggleplate) and scraped enough coins for this fancy dinner. You know it, she knows it and the 16-year-old kid who scanned your condoms at Duane Reade knows it, too (props to you for resisting the urge to fist bump).The 3 push ups you did in the bathroom definitely made a difference, but you forgot one key thing: eating Oatmeal to get you through this (hopefully) long night.

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Pay a little attention to her earlobes, the back of her knees, her inner thighs, her feet, and, of course, her mouth. Be unselfish Every once in a while, a good lover will devote all of his attention to his partner’s pleasure without thought of reciprocation.

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