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The What's New article lists the price of the original Optima as .95 which is nearly equal to 0 in 2009 dollars.

It is not a rangefinder - focus distance is set by estimation.

The shutter is a Compur with continuously variable speeds from 1/30 to 1/250 second. "[A]s the photoelectric cell constantly monitors scene brightness, it feeds current to a mechanical system which alters the position of a cam. is depressed before each shot, it releases tension on a feller arm, thus allowing spring-loaded aperture and shutter-speed controls to move until halted by the cam, thus setting correct exposure and placing a green dot in view-finder to signify sufficient light." The shutter speed stays at 1/250 until the aperture goes to its maximum at f3.9.

When the lever on the left side of the camera body . The shutter speeds then begin to go slower until they get to 1/30 second.

Curiously, the Optima I and other models below do not have a separate lever you hold down while pushing the shutter.

Rather, they have an identical looking button on the opposite side of the lens that serves as the shutter release.

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For further information see The Living Image and Olympus 35mm Rangefinder Cameras.

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