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Under French law, one cannot lay off workers without filing for bankruptcy.

The owner Verlingue filed for bankruptcy and then tried to hire back 150 employees to reopen.

In general, the more involved the mark, the newer the piece.

The marks are hand-painted; each one will be different.

The workers, who were unionized, vehemently opposed this move and succeeded in closing down the factory forcing him to declare bankruptcy again.

The bankruptcy court then took over and put the factory up for sale. The factory reopened officially on March 14, 1984 and is enjoying an incredible rebirth with sales outnumbering demand.

In 1968, the son of Verlingue purchased the Henriot factory and merged them under the name Les Faienceries de Quimper, and under one roof at the HB factory, although each preserved its own forms, designs, clients, and signature marks.In 1983, bad management and French laws intervened to force bankruptcy.The factory employed 250 people, but there was not enough work for all of them.The vast majority of "antique" Quimper at antiques fairs nowadays are recent reproductions.Where the piece is marked is not an indication of age.

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Brittany is a region in northwest France where the town of Quimper is located.

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