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From left to right: chopped, diced, and minced onions One video by Cooking Light lays out four piles of chopped onions which are all different sizes.The largest have been coarsely chopped, the second largest chopped, the second smallest diced, and the smallest minced.The host explains that coarse chopping is good for dishes that require cooking down for a long time, such as soups or stews, while regular chopping is the 'all purpose cut' for most everyday meals.

He says: “Me and Cheryl, our relationship is amazing and I put that down to her support more than anything, she’s just so great.Magazine, "doesn't want a circus" if and when she weds Liam.An insider told the outlet: “She’d rather have just close friends and family.She’d also love the baby to be sitting on their laps in the wedding photos." However, another source told Closer: "Liam would still like a huge celebration.He wants to shout about their wedding from the rooftop.” Liam has just launched his long awaited and highly anticipated solo music career — releasing debut single Strip That Down, a likely summer smash, co-written with Ed Sheeran.

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Following the service, Putin and Medvedev appeared on National Television to “congratulate” the Russian people for “celebrating the Resurrection of Christ.” Here & Here.

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