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Each part is self-contained and reading previous parts is not essential to the continuity of the story, but several recurring characters are only described in detail on their first appearance. Ashleigh misses her ride home after cheerleading practice. Ashleigh has waited until the last day to finish her research project. She discovered that the condom the limo driver used the night before had slipped off at some point, remaining in her ass and probably spilling all of its contents sometime during the night. Ashleigh blew-dry her shoulder length blonde hair, put on some light makeup, and then threw on a tight-fitted shirt and shorts for breakfast.

She made sure to wash all the cum out of her pussy and from the inside of her thighs, and after feeling something a bit weird, checked her ass as well.

Since most of the cheerleading squad were Kappas and over half of the Kappas were cheerleaders, all the cheerleaders gathered at the Kappa house for their little traditions, starting with egg white omelets and chicken apple sausage for breakfast. Towards the end of breakfast, the football team started showing up for the second part of the tradition - the pregame blowjobs.

It just wasn't right sending a bunch of distracted guys into battle, and while most of the guys would have gotten laid during their Friday night parties, it was easier to just get everyone off again instead of trying to get people to admit they hadn't gotten any.

Jason kept trying to get Ashleigh to fuck, but the rules were clear - cheerleaders had to stay horny to be at their best, football players had to have their cocks drained to stay focused.

Jason lay back on her bed and let his cock spring to attention.

Her pink lipstick smeared down the shaft of his cock as she allowed his cock to slide all the way into her mouth. And just as suddenly as he had started, Ryan finished, pushing Ashleigh roughly to the ground and storming off. With Ashleigh on her back, he straddled her chest and guided his dick between her lips.

Ryan's hands grabbed a handful of hair each and began fucking her hard, while Ashleigh's eyes teared up from the cock tip pressing against her throat. Ashleigh had less ability to push back at him, but his angle prevented him from pushing as deeply as Ryan did, so she was fine with the arrangement.

"Look up at me, baby, look into my eyes while I cum." Ashleigh looked up at Moji with her brown eyes, staring intently into Moji's dark, Fijian eyes.

She could tell he was mad, too, but in a far more controlled manner. As soon as Ashleigh took her eyes off his dick, he pulled it out of her mouth, shooting a jet of cum right into her right eye.

Ashleigh involuntarily jerked her head backward, but his arm held her tightly in place as he tried to guide a second jet into her left eye before she could close it.

Eventually, he pumped her mouth full of jizz, which she sucked down like a pro.

When they finished, it was just about three hours to game time, so Jason left to suit up and warm up.

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Moji's cock was the opposite of Ryan's - stout, dark, and almost hot to the touch.

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