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On the best shows, the stuff getting broken is people.While Green sought to make people laugh, cringe, and maybe dry heave every once in a while Andre – with a little help from co-host Hannibal Buress – pretends to scalp himself or tries to rob a diner while disguised as a French cat burglar or devours his own vomit. With Season 3 of upon us, Maxim talked to Andre about brushes with the law, the delicate art of making celebrities uncomfortable, and his public relationship with his own body. What are you guys doing to them that the audience can’t see?

I knew a boy I liked was going to be out at this bar. She got out of bed, put on her makeup and heels, and went out with me. Of course, I ended up dating that guy for only a second. The best guy you can date is one who just says, “Have them all over here, and I’ll disappear.” The same goes for you: encourage him to spend time with his friends.My writing partner, Dan Curry, will stand by the camera during the interview and pretend to jerk off while not breaking eye contact with the guest [laughs].One time Dan had the dildo hanging out of his pants and our other producer, Josh, walked up and started sucking it.He asked her parents first, then popped the question surrounded by candles and lights (aww! William hates it when I say this, but he really is a very nice guy; when you meet a nice guy who also manages to keep your interest, that’s the dream.By date two, if I’m not into someone, I’d rather spend my night with girlfriends or family.

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