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First, it must be determined whether, at the time the application was filed, the inventor possessed a best mode for practicing the invention.This is a subjective inquiry which focuses on the inventor’s state of mind at the time of filing.

However, inventors in this circumstance should document the absence of a best mode carefully in their invention notebook, lest any suggestion of intent to suppress a best mode later arise.5, 2000), and in the Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office at 1234 O. The examiner, after having obtained a thorough understanding of the invention disclosed and claimed in the nonprovisional application, then searches the prior art as disclosed in patents and other published documents, i.e., nonpatent literature (NPL). 371, the examiner will consider the documents cited in an international search report when the Form PCT/DO/EO/903 indicates that both the international search report and the copies of the documents are present in the national stage application file. The first search should cover the invention as described and claimed, including the inventive concepts toward which the claims appear to be directed.The most common ways that inventors fail to satisfy the best mode requirement are generally, (1) an intentional concealment of the preferred mode of carrying out an invention, or (2) a disclosure that is so incomplete that it effectively conceals the preferred mode.While one might think it obvious to avoid the first type of failure, that of intentional concealment, such situations often come up in the context of trade secrets. Advanced Machine and Engineering Co., the defendants purposely did not disclose a method of gluing a steel band to a spirally wound tube because they thought that such a fabrication technique was a protectable trade secret.

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Many practitioners believe that a better practice is to update best mode for even old matter at the time of filing a continuation-in-part, and decisions about identification of a best mode should be made in careful communication with your patent attorney.

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