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From FM Radio to Recent News and has collection of Nepali Jokes, Nepali Songs, Nepali Videos, Nepali Movies, Nepali TV Series, Nepali Audio Books and more. Converter, National Anthem, Forex Info, Rashifal, Gold and Silver Rate and Nepali Typing comes as bonus with this app!

Download Link : Android ♦ Apps Jhola “Appsjhola” is a local app marketplace with a goal to promote Nepali Apps and Developers.

– KMG : KMG app make it easier for us read epapers by Kantipur publication, listen to Kantipur radio and watch Kantipur TV.

| Android | IOS – Nepal Share Market : Keeps you up-to-date with Nepal Share Market details and share value difference.

The number of Smartphones users, specially with Android OS is increasing day by day. As soon as we get our hands on new smartphone, one of the first things we do is install apps that we like or the apps that are useful.

Here in this post I’ve prepared a list of must have Nepali Apps in your smartphone, mostly if you’re living in Nepal.

There’s option for advanced search, in case you want to search by Artists and you can also keep guitar chords of your favorite songs in separate section.

| Android | IOS – SCT Moco : If you carry a SCT ATM card, then download this app which makes payment solution more easy and hassle free.

| Andriod | IOS – 1: 1an android app makes in easier find details on recent listings, news and current information about real estate market.

Download Link : Android ♦ Lok Sewa Nepal If you’re preparing for Lok Sewa Aayog Examination, then “Lok Sewa Nepal” app can be really useful.

To keep you up-to date with recent notices from Lok Sewa Aayog, there’s a section “Notice”.

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