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Others may argue that - by ascribing my toddler's display of aggression and disobedience to an 'addiction' - I am somehow seeking to duck responsibility for his behaviour, or my parenting. I would ask only that they read our story, and speak to other parents with children of a similar age, before leaping to conclusions.

When his 18-month-old sister, Megan, disturbed him, he hit her. Hearing the commotion, Katie ran to the room and confiscated the i Pad. It was still going on when I arrived home from work half an hour later.

Now I am fully aware that a great many readers will greet this with a healthy snort of derision.

After that, we slowly re-introduced the i Pad, but in a controlled fashion. The volume and brightness setting on its screen was always turned down, so as to make it less invasive, and noisy apps that encourage bad behaviour were withdrawn.'The i Pad is actually very sharable,' she told me.

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