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This started an obsession that would not be satisfied until I slept with her...

The place I had rented for two weeks was private in all respects.

He quickly pulled up his trunks and said to me ' Oh sorry Little Man, didn't know anyone was here.

I was just gonna take a quick skinny dip in the pool, do you mind at all?

The private stripper the boys hire is an all access type of girl. Josh finds Angel while he's there, but not in the way he wanted to...

This story begins in a office secretary/boss atmosphere that is a innocent sort of union where the married secretary wants to have a baby but her husband is never home to impregnate her.

I woke up with louise standing over me dressed in next to nothing.

She told me she wanted to prove she was still into guys and that she has really misssed my big cock!

He positioned his huge cock head near my cunt lips and rubbed his cock head along the slit up and down.Driving North along the East Coast of Australia, Michael plans a two day stop over at a nude beach he had read about on a website.He was hoping to encounter a mystery man whose deeds with his cock had been written about on numerous occasions...She was being bounced around on the floor as Ray thrust his cock into her!She was almost limp as Ray just let himself go nuts on that cunt!

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