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The latter, in his turn, seized the murderous instrument and finished the Black-Foot. The Black-Foot now disen- gaged, raised his arm to plunge his knife into the heart of Tchatka, when he received the blow of a tomahawk on his skull, which stretched him without consciousness beside his vanquished adversary. Never had so lively and so unanimous an en- thusiasm appeared in the tribe.

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He seized the arm of his terrible adversary, and used every effort to wrest the knife.

At the same instant a Black-Foot, of lofty stature and pro- digious strength, hurled his lance at him, which only grazed the head of his enemy, and struck deep, quivering in the earth. Tchatka rose rapidly from his fall, and, coward as he was, in self-defence he displayed skill and strength.

The whole command of the tribe was intrusted to him, and never chief among the Assiniboins attracted so much respect and fear.

He lost none of- the advantages which he had gained in public opinion by his profound and cruel stratagem.

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