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Anyone can join, even ones that aren't nintendo characters. That's kindof like in minecraft, like they don't let ppl with steve skins participate in rp's, skin comps, and all that other stuff just cuz theyre skins..places I've seen even have signs that say "No steve skins allowed" or even stricter "Only Teen skins allowed" which is really unfair :/I had an idea about a proper Roleplay server, here's the idea: me if you like the idea and if I make it you can come on and roleplay with your friends :) I'm still looking for a supporter for somebody to make the server but they can have all donations so if you know anyone that can host or would like to join the server when its made, feel free to PM me.And yeah roleplaying is great, it is annoying when people just spam chat with there roleplay which they think are amazing where they put no effort in what-so-ever. Family rp: BOXAlso sometimes I don't get it when people want their rp to be the best rp that a lot of people would join, they won't really put that much effort into it.

" And when they do they're just like "I am in loooooove..." then they think that they can date the person in MC and the boy says no and the girls like "But we dated in the rp!! " and she goes crying to everyone and they all get annoyed and leave.

As opposed to a generic survival server, where you have people who don't know how to roleplay, argue with the rules, spam the chat, powergame, etc. It's totally a matter of personal opinion, mine is that if you decide to roleplay on a non-roleplay server you should be fully aware that you will probably;1. Become caught up with a large group of RP noobs who are solely concerned with being the OP hero. If you find a proper server on which to do it and a good group, roleplay can absolutely be one of the most fun things to do in a game.

Losing yourself in another character and another world where that character's actions and reactions matter to other, real people is amazing fun, and I recommend everybody give it a try at some point.

It is sexist to say "men don't like X." I've seen a lot of male players role-play, just as much as females.

I think that perhaps you may play on servers where there is either more female players than males or perhaps the type of role-playing scenarios favour one gender over another.

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