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Membership may be placed on hold for up to 90 days with the approval of the Membership Director. Notification in writing fifteen (15) days prior to next billing date is required to terminate a membership.

Faxes and e-mails to the Membership Director are acceptable forms of termination as well as filling out the termination form at the Welcome Center.

Those over the age of eight (8) can be in the building without the direct supervision of an adult.

The youth however, must know the location of an adult or guardian and be able to contact that person in the event of an emergency.

Pool rules are on the wall behind the lifeguard’s chair.

All youth under eight (8) years of age are to be directly supervised by an adult.

Members and guest should not hesitate to notify a staff person if assistance is needed.

Your YMCA membership picture ID card is your passport!

We ask you to always use the front entrance when visiting the Y.

To promote safety and comfort for all, we ask individuals to act appropriately at all times when they are in this facility or participating in our programs.

Our Code of Conduct does not permit any language or action that can hurt or frighten another person, or that falls below a generally accepted standard of conduct.

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In order to carry out these polices, we ask that members and guest identify themselves when asked.

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