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They plan to go via Air to Toronto and we heard that we can submit the I94 at US Airport and they will get new I94 at Toronto US Immigration.Here are some examples of activities permitted with a visitor visa: There are several steps to apply for a visa.What are the possiblites for getting new I-94 for another six months of stay by going to Canada and coming back the US.Their currently authorized stay on I-94 is only valid for 6 months, expiring on 12/28/2003.

Do they get new I-94 with new date stamped so they don't need to apply for extension?

or Do I have to request their for extension from U.

Both my parents are having visa for 10 years with multiple entry.

Before I made contact I could see our matched compatibility however, which let me know based on the questions I answered when signing up, what we had in common and what might be an issue.

They have a 10yr multi entry B2 visa ; they also have 3 year multi entry Canda visa.

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